The pickle is a side dish without which an Indian meal is incomplete. Prepared in a traditional manner using a variety of vegetables, masalas and oil, Nirapara pickles is a huge hit with millions of families within and beyond Kerala. To maintain an international standard in quality, taste and nutritional value, Nirapara employs the latest technological advances in producing its line of mouth watering pickles, which are prepared using assorted ingredients of the highest quality, under the watchful eyes of some of Kerala's well renowned culinary experts. Keep our pickles as side dish and enjoy the best traditional Indian cuisine experience!

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Tender Mango Pickle

Nirapara Tender-mango Pickle is a delicacy unique to Kerala. This amazing pickle is true to its name and is made from tender, young, unripe mango. Like most pickles, tender-mango pickles are prepared using traditional spices and edible oil. Unlike most other pickles, it is aged ideally in the traditional pickle urns for at least a week. Nirapara Tender-mango pickles ensure that the tender mangoes remain unwrinkled and soaked thoroughly in the spice and salt mixture that is used to preserve it.

Kaduku Mango Pickle

Kadumanga pickle is every Keralites favourite and is a must for sadya. Its spicy and tangy taste is liked by all and hence it is such a famous dish.

Cut Mango Pickle

Cut-mango Pickle gets its name from the way mango pieces are sliced into big cubes to be pickled. They are commonly served at hotels and at home as an accompaniment with rice meals. Nirapara Cut-mango pickle uses the best quality mangoes and pure edible oil in preparing this product.

Hot Lime

Nirapara Hot-lime Pickle or also just known as the lime pickle is among the most commonly consumed pickles in India. The hot and tangy flavour makes it a very common dish enjoyed by all. Though lime pickles are relatively easy to prepare, they are not edible for at least a few weeks. Only over time, the thick skin of the lime softens and the flavours are fully absorbed. Nirapara brings to your table carefully prepared and aged Hot-lime Pickle, perfected to add an extra zing to any home-cooked meal.

White Lime

White Lime Pickle serves great taste during a good course meal. It’s tinch of spiciness gives a relishing experience.

Gooseberry Pickle

Gooseberry commonly known as amla is consumed raw and also as pickles. Gooseberry is rich in nutrients and they are widely used in Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Nirapara prepares its Gooseberry Pickle from dehydrated and sliced gooseberries and the mix of traditional spices. The final product is ready to eat normally after letting the pickle rest for about two days to bring out the aroma.

Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Pickle or chutney laid on the table during meals increases hunger as well as the food's taste. There are numerous types of pickles which are made in different ways. You can make a mixed vegetable pickle comprising carrots, cucumber, papaya, brinjal, Mango, bitter gourd etc. and have it with your meals.

Vadukapuli White Pickle

Traditional Kerala style pickle made from Vadukapuli (Wild Lemon). A sweet and tart pickle usually served for a traditional feast in Kerala.

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