Nirapara ‘s wide array of traditional Kerala rice products stay true to Kerala's unique flavour while proving to be nothing short of a delectable feast for your taste buds. With supreme taste and a richness that melts in your mouth, Nirapara's scrumptious rice products have been making daily breakfast a lingering experience both, in taste and togetherness for families all over Kerala. Nirapara realises the significance of this seemingly simple meal in bringing a family together. Its wide array of traditional Kerala rice products stay true to Kerala's unique flavour while proving to be nothing short

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Chicken Masala

An aromatic blend of authentic spices to make the perfect delicious chicken curry

Sambar Powder

The flavorful South Indian style coarse textured spices powder, prepared by grinding various types of basic Indian spices like coriander seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, black peppercorns, dry red chilies, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon etc to prepare the perfect sambar.

Rasam Powder

Rasam is basically a South Indian soup. It is prepared with tamarind juice, tomato, pepper and other spices. Lentils could be added with some vegetables. It is usually eaten with rice or drank alone as a soup. In a traditional meal, it follows the sambar course and curd rice.

Garam Masala

A north Indian Masala that is pungent, but not fiery-hot.It is a combination of different spices & easy-to-make spice blends and is the heart of most Indian dishes.

Biryani Masala

It is a blend of whole spices lightly roasted and powdered. It is used specifically for biryani. The masala powder adds not only a flavour but also a faint aroma that is required in a perfect biryani. The blend is similar to garam masala which means hot spices. It is not spicy but can add pungency or over flavour in particular dishes when not used in the right proportions.

Meat Masala

Meat Masala is a spice mix used in Kerala cuisine. It is typically used to marinate various types of meat which can either be rubbed onto pieces of meat as a dry powder mix or combined with oil to make a paste that easily coats the meat. Since Indians love their meat really spiced up, a fair amount of flavoring spices blends an aromatic chorus. This delicious dish is a favorite in the South Indian states of Kerala. It is full of flavour and is served with rice, naan bread, etc.

Travancore Sambar Powder

Travancore Sambar is a vegetarian curry dish served along with rice. It is a traditional Kerala recipe. Travancore Sambar with idlies or dosas makes a good combination for a quick breakfast.

Prawns Biryani Masala

A luscious and irresistible Prawn Biryani with long grain rice cooked with succulent prawn pieces, chopped onions, tomatoes, chillies, ginger julienne and a medley of our Prawn Biryani Masala. Enjoy this delicious prawn Biryani with raita.

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