Nirapara ‘s wide array of traditional Kerala rice products stay true to Kerala's unique flavour while proving to be nothing short of a delectable feast for your taste buds. With supreme taste and a richness that melts in your mouth, Nirapara's scrumptious rice products have been making daily breakfast a lingering experience both, in taste and togetherness for families all over Kerala. Nirapara realises the significance of this seemingly simple meal in bringing a family together. Its wide array of traditional Kerala rice products stay true to Kerala's unique flavour while proving to be nothing short

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Chemba Idiyappam Podi

Wheat-based traditional foods are popular in Kerala. Chemba Idiyappam podi is made by using a different variety of rice in a balanced combination. The traditional rice idiyappam powder is slightly modified, that introduces wheat flavour into it. Chemba Idiyappam podi is a balanced combination of rice powder and wheat.

Corn Idiyappam Podi

Corn idiyappam is an oil-free and steam cooked food item. Since this dish belongs to a cuisine which is oil-free, it makes a healthy breakfast with Nirapara corn idiyappam podi.

Pathiri Podi

Pathiri is a traditional dish which is exclusive to the palette of Kerala cuisine.It is thin rice pancake made of fine ground rice. Pathiri or Pathil is a tasty breakfast/dinner dish, which tastes good with especially non-vegetarian accompaniments. Although it is a staple diet of the Muslim community, primarily in North Malabar, Pathiri has already made its mark across Kerala due to its extreme light texture and melting softness. Nirapara Pathiri powder is ground to perfection, making it the perfect ingredient for mouth-watering Pathiris.

Dosa Podi

Dosa is undoubtedly the king of South Indian breakfast cuisine. Dosa or Dosai as it is known in Tamil Nadu, which is a traditional pancake made of rice batter, has made its mark on the tastebuds across the globe, not limiting itself to South Indians or people of South Indian origin. Nirapara Dosa Powder is specially designed and developed with experts from the food industry. Nirapara Dosa Powder is a preferred dosa batter for restaurants and homes due to its fine nature and a perfect ratio of rice to lentils.

Idli Podi

Idli is the most famous South Indian breakfast dish in any South Indian cuisine. Nirapara Idli Podi is a soft idli batter which is your ideal companion in making soft, tasty idlis. Idlis are most often eaten as breakfast or as a snack. Idlis are usually served in pairs with chutney, sambar, or other accompaniments. There are multiple varieties of Idlis which are famous across Kerala. Nirapara Idli Podi is a perfect ingredient for making soft, tasty, aromatic idlis that melt in your mouth.

Tender Mango Pickle

Nirapara Tender-mango Pickle is a delicacy unique to Kerala. This amazing pickle is true to its name and is made from tender, young, unripe mango. Like most pickles, tender-mango pickles are prepared using traditional spices and edible oil. Unlike most other pickles, it is aged ideally in the traditional pickle urns for at least a week. Nirapara Tender-mango pickles ensure that the tender mangoes remain unwrinkled and soaked thoroughly in the spice and salt mixture that is used to preserve it.

Kaduku Mango Pickle

Kadumanga pickle is every Keralites favourite and is a must for sadya. Its spicy and tangy taste is liked by all and hence it is such a famous dish.

Cut Mango Pickle

Cut-mango Pickle gets its name from the way mango pieces are sliced into big cubes to be pickled. They are commonly served at hotels and at home as an accompaniment with rice meals. Nirapara Cut-mango pickle uses the best quality mangoes and pure edible oil in preparing this product.

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