Nirapara ‘s wide array of traditional Kerala rice products stay true to Kerala's unique flavour while proving to be nothing short of a delectable feast for your taste buds. With supreme taste and a richness that melts in your mouth, Nirapara's scrumptious rice products have been making daily breakfast a lingering experience both, in taste and togetherness for families all over Kerala. Nirapara realises the significance of this seemingly simple meal in bringing a family together. Its wide array of traditional Kerala rice products stay true to Kerala's unique flavour while proving to be nothing short

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Niraa Wheat Puttu Podi

Make Kerala style Gothambu puttu (wheat puttu) at home with ease. Niraa wheat puttu podi is made from good quality selected wheat processed and grounded using stone grinding technique. Wheat Puttu combines the health benefits of wheat with your favorite breakfast recipe. It needs only 3-5 minutes for steaming. Can be served with plantain, curry or with sugar.

Niraa Roasted Rava

Rava is milled from wheat, by grinding the husked wheat after which the flour is ground. Niraa roasted rava has been pre-roasted and can be directly used in cereals, puddings & sweet dishes like halwa and salty dishes such as dosa, idly, upma, uttapam and vada. Rava can also be used as a dietary supplement for kids and elderly. Niraa Rava/Sooji is also famous across India for the preparation of tasty halwas.

Niraa Double Roasted Rava

Semolina is the coarse purified middling of wheat, popularly called as Sooji or Rava. Niraa Double Roasted Rava is beautifully roasted till it receives a rich aroma and golden brown texture hence called as brown sooji, wheat sooji or roasted wheat rava. You can prepare nutritious upma, halwa, uttapams, dhokla, pancakes or whatever your tummy desires. Including rava in your diet has many health benefits because of its high nutrition value.

Niraa Upma Rava

Upma, uppumavu or uppittu is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent, most common in South Indian, Maharashtrian, and Sri Lankan Tamil breakfast. It is nutritious, tasty and very easy to make at home by mixing and cooking roasted rava (suji, semolina) and sautéed vegetables in water. Niraa Uppuma Rava helps you cook tasty upma in no time.

Niraa Broken Sooji Wheat

Niraa Broken Sooji Wheat is made from high quality durum wheat, which is rich in proteins and much more nutrient than any other major food grain, including maize and rice. Niraa broken wheat is the preferred ingredient for Upma and other traditional South Indian breakfast dishes made from Wheat. For babies and adults broken wheat helps to reduce gas troubles and constipation.

Chakki Fresh Atta

Nirapara Chakki Fresh Atta is made from selected farm fresh golden brown Indian wheat from the granaries in India. The delicate balance of precious vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates of the wheat grain is preserved while processing and is hygienically packed in state of the art chakki mills to provide you the best chakki fresh atta to suit your cooking needs.

Garlic Paste

The pungent and spicy bouquet of garlic is part of the fabric of cooking all over the world, and it would be inconceivable to cook without this distinctive, highly aromatic smell & taste. A special manufacturing process ensures the specially selected fresh cloves retain their natural flavor and pungency. No more peeling or crushing: use Nirapara Garlic Paste for that authentic garlic flavor.

Premium Coconut Oil

Nirapara Premium Coconut Oil is a 100% pure roasted coconut oil made with the finest copra extracts of Kerala. From enjoying the delicious flavor that this tropical oil gives to the many health benefits you can enjoy, pure coconut oil is being re-discovered by the health-conscious consumers of today.

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